A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Click to add a point. Right click to delete a point.

WASD controls, space is up, shift is down, move the mouse to control the camera.

E button to lock and unlock the camera, ESC to go to the menu.


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Voxel Prototype v3.zip 9 MB
Voxel Prototype v4.zip 9 MB
Voxel Prototype v4 Linux.tar 28 MB
Voxel Prototype v4 Mac.zip 22 MB


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this is godot ,非常酷

(2 edits)

This was made with Godot. I am sorry but I can only read English. All the things on my current list of programs that I put on itch.io has been made with Godot. I had seen the Godot jam but I didn't know the rules and it was not in English.

auto-drawing surfaces added to V4

Added save functionality to V3